Making Of BKB Visions

Moritz showing off his fancy black brandless shoes during a shoot for work some moons ago. (Converse: if you'd like to send him a free pair as a 'thank you' just let me know...)See the final result here. Thanks again for the (air)time Moritz!

Art and Wheels 2016

Wow, I'm overwhelmed.Last years Art and Wheels Clip just gathered over 57'000 views on Facebook in less then two months. The clip goes extremely strong and has over 1000 shares and reached close to 200'000 people. Thanks for all the love and the great feedback!

Preparing for Olympia 2020

There's a new Deaf'n'Dumb Videoclip in the making. One of the most exhausting shoots i've ever had. But it was worth it... I now am prepared for the marathon at the olympic games 2020.

THE WILD ONES - The Women’s Moto Exhibition

Here we go! The Wild One’s tour celebrated the courage and spirit of women motorcyclists’, inspiring others to explore without boundaries. This July, The Women's Moto Exhibit rode on motorcycles through the Alps; starting in Austria, moving through Switzerland and ending in Italy passing Germany and the Czech Republic.

Juampi Garcìa and myself accompanied the Wild Ones while they were riding through switzerland – here's what they were up to!

Thanks for the laughs and the good times. Hope to see these girls again somewhere on two wheels!

Biozentrum Basel

We visited the construction site of the brand new Biozentrum in Basel to document the topping out ceremony. Here's a glimpse of our view that day.