My name’s Christian Müller but a lot of people know and call me by the name Taro. An anagram of another name... quite a story!

In 2015 I got my bachelor’s degree of arts in film at the university for design and art in Lucerne, Switzerland.

My love for the moving picture can be traced all the way back to my early teenage years. Since then I’ve worked on all kinds of different film projects. Always trying to capture genuine moments in a cinematic way. Be it client based or personal films.

Best Content – Academy Shorts Festival
Best Short Film – Madrid Skate Film Festival
Special Jury Award – upcoming filmmakers festival
2nd Place | Slam Movie Night – shnit International Shortfilmfestival

SRF Kurzfilm der Woche
Radio 3Fach Interview
That Noise Magazine
Berner Zeitung

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