Punk auf Indonesisch

Eröffnung! Im Rahmen der Gruppenausstellung PUNK - Raw Power, The Revolt Against Innocent zeigt die Photobastei die Ausstellung der Basler Fotografin Eleni Kougionis: Punk auf Indonesisch.

Die Fotografin Eleni Kougionis, *1988 wohnhaft in Basel, zeigt die Fotoreportage ihrer ersten Reise nach Indonesien aus dem Jahr 2015. Dort tauchte sie mit grosser Unterstützung heimischer Punks in die riesige und vielfältige Szene auf der Insel Java ein. Drei Jahre später begleitete sie ihre Freunde der Basler Hardcore Punk Band Heckler auf deren Süd­­ostasien Tournee, wo sie bekannte Menschen und Orte wieder traf. Daraus entstanden der Film «Still Wrecked – Heckler Southeast Asia Tour» in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Filmemacher Christian Taro und weitere Bilder der Ausstellung.

Fotografin: www.elenikougionis.com Band: www.hecklerpunk.bandcamp.com Film Montage: www.christiantaro.com

11. Januar bis 3. März 2019 Mi bis Sa, 12–21 h, So 12–18 h Sihlquai 125, 8005 Zürich www.photobastei.ch


Zeal & Ardor – UK Tour

I‘m truly grateful for all the unique opportunities the work I love to do offers me. Last week I've been on tour with Zeal and Ardor to film their United Kingdom tour. Not only are these guys top-notch musicians but also very rad people that I had an absolute blast hanging with. That applies to the whole road crew! They are still on the road so if you get the chance to see them live don‘t miss out. They‘re nothing short of amazing.

(Here some random film stills. Straight outta camera, v-log, no touch-ups).

El and Julie...

...riding into the sunset like once Lucky Luke & Jolly Jumper did.Filmstill from a recent shoot with the chopperqueen herself. More to come!


"a free life" on swiss national TV

Today our graduation film about the journeyman years will be aired on swiss television.In case you're unable to watch it on TV it is also available online until may 3rd.

Unfortunately the film is in german and there are no subtitles embedded. However, if you would like to see it (with english subs) just send me a message.

Watch it here: SRF online


"First Love" meets Polar Skate Co.

Tomorrow "First Love" is going to support the newest Polar Skate Co. film created by none other than Pontus Alv. The two films are screened in connection with the skatepark opening party at the port in basel. So make sure to come by and grab a beer & a pizza, have a nice little cruise around the new park & don't forget to say hi!