Biozentrum Basel

We visited the construction site of the brand new Biozentrum in Basel to document the topping out ceremony. Here's a glimpse of our view that day.

Silver Surfer

We're working on something quite special at Fasnacht & Partner. Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes... more soon!

Art and Wheels 2016

Work can be pretty decent sometimes. What's better than to be strapped on a big ass harley ridden across the countryside of switzerland accompanied by dozens of bikes on a beautiful sunday? Not much really. Once again thanks for the lift Marcos!

The Art and Wheels Aftermovie 2016 is in the making.. stay tuned.

Photo by the very talented Anna. Thanks!


... and cut!

It's done! We completed the shoot for my second degree bachelor film. After several slams, countless tries and a nearly broken foot we recorded pretty much all that was planned. Thanks to the boys who gave their everything and the whole crew that supported me! It was truly a blast... even though we were freezing our asses of!


Now I'm gonna lock myself into the editing room, scan the whole footage and make a selection. I'm really excited to get all the different parts together in the editing... let's hope for the best!

Making of 'Ten Years Safari - a place to skate'

The established skate- and design label ‘Safari’ made a movie as a present for their 10 year anniversary. For this we took care of implenting the intro. The shoot took place in a hidden shack which contained a miniramp, somewhere in the swiss mountains. Inside the shack we arranged a small living room which can be seen towards the end of the intro.

Thanks a lot to Patrick Pytell and the boys of the "Screamcat Ramp" for letting us shoot at this awesome location.

Shooting Day - XXX Tattoo

For our next project at the university we documented the work of the very talented tattoo artist Lukas Speich at the XXX Tattoo Studio in Lucerne. With the help of animated typography we try to show (and to a certain degree explain) the work of a tattoo artist and the process of tattoing.