Long Time No See.

It’s been a while since I posted something on here. The reason beeing that I’m drowning in (awesome) work at the moment.

Just filmed some artsy material for Art Basel with my good pal Alain, finishing the Art and Wheels edit (drops very soon), organizing some stuff for this weekend and a lot of other small things here and there. (Good thing I'm not too much into soccer... haven't seen one game of the world cup yet)

I’m just about to leave the house for a new mission for Doodah and I couldn't be more hyped. It's always a real pleasure and privilege to get creative with the good homies and spend some quality time skateboarding.

Above's a picture from last year's trip in the swiss alps. Filming the boys (and a broom..) in a giant ditch where they get rid of all the gathered snow from the streets in the wintertime... who knew something like that even existed?!

Wanna know more about that ditch and what went down there? Check it here!